The latest stable release is version 7.0.3, dated 11 July 2019.

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Debian Packages

There are also Debian GNU/Linux packages available for the amd64 architecture; other architectures might be buildable from the source packages. The packages work on Stretch and newer, and also on the various versions of Ubuntu.

To install these packages, add our repository GPG key directly to APT with

curl -o - | sudo apt-key add -

or first check our signatures on the key for authenticity. Then add the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb unstable/
deb-src unstable/

Note the slash following unstable and the missing section(s) main contrib non-free.

DOMjudge-live images

We also provide DOMjudge-live images to run DOMjudge straight from an USB stick, as virtual machine, or to be written to harddisk. See the documentation here for more details on how use these.

DOMjudge docker images

Official Docker images for both the domserver and judgehost are also available. See the Docker Hub repository for the DOMserver to get started.

Other downloads

Also available are the sources of included {b,d}ash shell binaries.

The snapshot directory contains nightly builds, including changelog and documentation, use at your own risk.