Online Demo

We have set up an online demonstration of the DOMjudge web interface, populated with data from a live contest.

What it does:

  • Provide an idea of the look and feel of the public, team and jury interfaces

What it doesn't:

  • Judge submitted solutions
  • Show commandline and daemon interfaces

How to use it

Check out the following interfaces:

Public interface
Shows the scoreboard and the problemset.
Team interface
Shows your submissions, submission details, clarifications, the problemset and the scoreboard. Log in with username and password team. As this is a demo, you can't actually submit solutions.
Jury/admin interface
The full set of options available to judges and administrators. Log in with username and password jury or username and password admin respectively. The admin interface is a superset of the jury interface with additional options to configure the contests. There are no judgehosts running, so things like rejudging do not have much effect. Team source code and testdata in/output has been replaced with a placeholder, so the source formatting and testdata diff functionality is not useful.
API documentation
Documentation on how to use DOMjudge from scripts. This is used by our submit client and the configure-domjudge & import-contest scripts. Also useful if you want to use only parts of DOMjudge, for example as you use your own custom scoreboard or another submission method. Some of the tools also work via this API.

The data in the system is reset to a known good state every night, so feel free to experiment. Please keep the system in a reasonable state though for other visitors that may come by before the reset. The data is from an actual contest, NWERC 2018, with some sensitive things removed.

If there's something not working, or you've got questions, please contact us at


We send exceptions encountered on the demo instance to Sentry. This should not contain personal information but we prefer to inform you of this. These errors make it easier to detect and debug bugs in our current development version, so you already help us by encountering these bugs!