DOMjudge - About the project

The DOMjudge project was started in 2004 at Study Association A-Eskwadraat at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, but is now an independent project.

The main developers are Jaap Eldering, Nicky Gerritsen, Keith Johnson, Thijs Kinkhorst, and Tobias Werth, with contributions from many other people; see the administrator's manual for the full list.

You can reach us through the development mailinglist DOMjudge-devel. You need to be subscribed to the list before you can post, to counter spam.

Some developers and users of DOMjudge linger on the IRC channel dedicated to DOMjudge on the Freenode network: server, channel #domjudge. Feel free to drop by with your questions and comments, but note that it may sometimes take a bit longer than a few minutes to get a response.