For your convenience, here you can find the documentation from the latest stable release. The DOMjudge tarball contains manuals for the administrator, judges and teams, which correspond to that specific version.

DOMjudge manual
The complete reference for those setting up and running the DOMjudge system as well as the jury.
Team manual
Concise manual for participating teams. Available also as PDF in the DOMjudge tarball.

API documentation

DOMjudge provides a JSON REST API that can be used to query contest state as well as perform certain actions, such as submit solutions (with team role), request to judge submissions (with judgehost role), and control contest state (with admin role).

The DOMjudge API is an implementation of the ICPC Contest API (except that it does not (yet) implement the optional team-members endpoint). It also has some extensions, see the internal API documentation.


We also have the DOMjudge wiki which collects other pieces of information about specific configurations or integrations.