DOMjudge is open source, free software and has an active development community with contributors from around the world. Question, suggestion bug or patch? All those are most welcome via the channels below.

Bugs / feature requests

Bugs and feature enhancements are tracked at our Github project. You may report a new issue there. Pull requests are also very welcome. If you have a question or you are unsure whether what you're seeing is a bug, please discuss it on or Slack beforehand (see below).


You are welcome to subscribe to our mailinglists:

This low-volume announcement list is used for sending announcements about new releases and other important news.
The development mailinglist is used for discussions on development, but is also used for asking general questions on using and installing DOMjudge.

Note that only the DOMjudge-devel list can be posted to, and only by list members (to prevent spam).


We produce nightly snapshots of the latest DOMjudge sources (the master branch from the main git repository). These can be found in the snapshot directory. Note that our repository contains code that might be experimental, buggy or subject to change. Use at your own risk.

Source code

The DOMjudge sources are maintained in Git, in four separate repositories:

The main repository that contains the source code of the system itself.
  • Public git repository:
  • Public web interface: github, gitweb
Contains packaging for various distributions.
  • Public git repository:
  • Public web interface: github, gitweb
Contains various developer helper scripts and the website.
  • Public git repository:
  • Public web interface: github, gitweb
Contains checktestdata: a program to syntactically verify testdata.
  • Public git repository:
  • Public web interface: github, gitweb

You can create a local copy of these git repositories with the command (replace URL as desired):

git clone

More information

Additional information can be found in the administrator's manual, especially the appendix with developer information.

If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to ask at the DOMjudge-devel mailinglist.