About: strange phenomenon on domjudge with system which has a hardware load balancer configuration.

Tran Binh Duong (FE FPTU HN) DuongTB at fe.edu.vn
Sat Oct 31 11:49:30 CET 2020

Hi all,

Our contestants feedback about the error as follow:
“Invalid CSRF token”, moreover contestants were frequently experienced with kicking out phenomenon and very hard to log back into the system.

Our configuration is briefly depicted as follow:

                                                     / domserver 1 \
Client ——> HW load balancer <                         >== Mysql DB
                                                     \ domserver 2 /

Please give me some advice to solve the issue.

Trần Bình Dương (Mr)
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Software Engineering Department , FPT University
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Mobile:(+84) 936168165
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