Issue in creating contest with more than 1000 problems

Tanmay Bansal tanmay17268 at
Sat Oct 5 21:12:06 CEST 2019


I want to create a contest on Domjudge with more than 1000 problems in it.
But when I tried to do so, I got the following error message: "error:
Unknown action" (screenshot attached).

On investigating further I found out that I am not able to create a contest
with more than 150 problems. That is, I start getting the above error after
I have added more than 150 problems

I have tried increasing the following limits in php.ini file, but I was
still facing the same problem:
1. max_file_uploads
2. max_input_vars
3. memory_limit
4. post_max_size
5. upload_max_filesize

Please tell how can I solve this problem?


Best Regards,
Tanmay Bansal
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