Time Factor Not Getting Accounted when calculating maxruntime

Abhishek Kumar abhi.kumar793 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 07:25:02 CEST 2018

Hi Team,

I was running Scala on Domjudge version 5.1 but the compiler gave timelimit
execption.So i increased the timefactor in language entry but still it gave
timelimit exception
When i further looked into it, it was always passing maxruntime as 1 in
every case since the below sql query always returned null
*File Path*(domserver/www/api/index.php)
*Sql Query*:

SELECT s.submitid, s.cid, s.teamid, s.probid, s.langid, s.rejudgingid,
CEILING(time_factor*timelimit) AS maxruntime,
p.memlimit, p.outputlimit,
special_run AS run, special_compare AS compare,
special_compare_args AS compare_args, compile_script
FROM submission s
LEFT JOIN problem p USING (probid)
LEFT JOIN language l USING (langid)
WHERE submitid = 5326

So i need to know how can i change this .Since i want my time factor get
accounted when calculating maxruntime

Eagerly waiting for your reply

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