CTD File Testing

Bryce Sandlund bcsandlund at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Oct 24 23:00:22 CEST 2017


I am preparing a problem set for Kattis and thought I'd try making a CTD
file input format validator. I found the CTD GitHub and have been following
along with the README and language specification. I'm currently a little
frustrated. By running Kattis problemtools, I can determine if my ctd file
compiles and accepts test cases. Currently, I cannot get


to accept a file with a single space, or

INT(1,10000) EOF

to accept a file with a single integer. I can get EOF to accept an empty

Clearly something silly is going on, and it'd be much easier to see by a
more instructive error message than accepting or not-accepting. So I
thought I'd try to compile the ctd file my self, or run it myself and see
if there is more error output. It looks like there's no instructions on how
to go about doing that in the README on GitHub. I'm also not sure if the
error messages would be more informative.

I am suggesting such instructions be added to the README and that such a
command would be able to give me a more informative error.

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