URGENT DOMjudge PROBLEM in Southern California

Marc Furon marcf at dslextreme.com
Mon Nov 13 04:00:43 CET 2017

Tobias Werth wrote:

> I don't have phone reception but I've sent you an invite to chat
> via hangouts. Perhaps you can give more details on the compile
> error or give me admin access to your domjudge installation?

Tobi, THANK YOU so much for jumping in to help, and thanks to Keith 
as well.  Fixing the permissions on the judging directory 
(/opt/domjudge/judgehost/judgings) got us back to where we were 
before, and we made some quick adjustments to the Apache 
configuration that seemed to help.  I can't say for certain if that 
fixed everything because at that point the contest was close to over 
(we extended it by one hour) and some teams may have taken off 
already if they were not in the running.  However, we were ultimately 
able to judge everything and complete the contest (albeit with 
contestants programming with no feedback for two hours).

We in Southern California (that means me) would like to take you up 
on your offer for assistance with root cause analysis.  I have the 
contest server sitting next to me here at home and can provide 
anything you might want that would help with troubleshooting.  Please 
let me know what the best way will be to proceed.

I owe the DOMjudge team big-time.


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