Sample Test Downloads, Team Accounts

Marc Furon marcf at
Fri Nov 10 08:37:40 CET 2017

Jaap Eldering wrote:

> On a second look: the problem is that your account file is not
> quite up to spec, and we're arguably not very fault tolerant in
> parsing it. According to the specification [1] a team account
> should be of the form "team-nnn" where nnn is a number with
> leading zeros. Our code doesn't recognize "acm101".

Yes, I see that in the specification, although I don't know why the
specification has to be that narrow for user IDs.  I worked around
the issue by importing the users as other types, then issuing SQL
commands to convert them to team users and add the account to team
relationships in the database.  Everything seems to be there now.

I also now see where the sample input and output downloads are.


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