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Jaap Eldering jaap at
Thu Nov 9 23:07:55 CET 2017

On 09/11/17 17:05, Marc Furon wrote:
> Jaap Eldering wrote:
>> They should be available on the problems page, but you may need
>> to enable a config setting if I recall correctly. I'm without
>> computer so I didn't check any of this.
> The only configuration setting I see is "show teams the diff output
> against the sample data?"  I was looking for a setting that would
> actually allow them to download the files.  If this is not available
> we have another way to provide that but I would like to know.

Ok, I checked: you don't need to change any configuration setting; the "show teams the diff output against the sample data?" is an extra setting that allows teams to view the diff (as the jury normally can) for the sample test cases when they click on a submission in the list on their team overview page.

When you tag test cases as "sample" on the test case page (linked from a problem page), then these will show up as downloadable on the team problems page (the link in the top menu), see attached screenshot. To be honest that interface is not very polished, but it should work.

> Also, I am trying to import team accounts with passwords.  I used the
> format in the standards document, using the team names as the "Full
> Name".  I get this SQL error when doing the import:

Ok, thanks for the report! I don't have time to look into it now (maybe someone else can?) but will add an issue for it.


> error: SQL error, Error#1452: Cannot add or update a child row: a
> foreign key constraint fails (`domjudge`.`user`, CONSTRAINT
> `user_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`teamid`) REFERENCES `team` (`teamid`) ON
> DELETE SET NULL), query: 'REPLACE INTO user SET `name` = "Big
> Ballers", `username` = "acm101", `password` =
> "$2y$10$ILEqS5X6w93RVQ/euA1UYeTKXseyUAK9efUnmMknnk5CPprWvCg/K",
> `teamid` = "acm101"'
> Here are the first few lines of the team account file:
> accounts	1
> team	Big Ballers	acm101	password1
> team	Brain Dead Simple	acm102	password2
> team	Kernel Sanders	acm103	password3
> The teams imported correctly and exist with the given names.
>                                               Regards,
>                                                     Marc
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