5.3.1 and 5.2.1 broken!

Marc Furon marcf at dslextreme.com
Wed Nov 8 05:37:46 CET 2017

Jaap Eldering wrote:

> This is to warn you that the 5.3.1 and 5.2.1 releases from a few
> days ago are broken due to a regression bug in runguard:
> https://github.com/DOMjudge/domjudge/issues/310
> We're still investigating the precise cause before releasing a
> fix. As a workaround we recommend using 5.3.0 instead of 5.3.1,
> since the actual changes (besides this bug) are minimal. [...]

Thank you for sending this alert.  I was in the process of installing
5.3.1 for the Southern California contest this weekend.  I will
install 5.3.0 instead.

Do you recommend I install the work-around patch for "runguard" on
the judgehosts separately?


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