need some helps

Jaap Eldering jaap at
Fri Nov 3 21:54:49 CET 2017


On 03/11/17 04:32, easior wrote:
> Hi, all in the list.
> I don't know whether my question is fit here. However, following the link, I come here to ask for helps. First of all, I want to know how to write a systemd script instead of /etc/init.d/domjudge-judgehost on Fedora box. I'm too little of knowledge of systemd to kick it off.

Have a look at:
and also the create_cgroups.service there.

I'm no expert with systemd, so maybe others can help you further if needed.

> Secondary, I want to create many accounts for domserver in the batches. Is there any Bash/PHP/SQL script to reach this purpose? Thank in advances.

You can use the import function from CSV (actually tab-separated) files. For the expected format see:

Also see the shell script misc-tools/create_accounts, but I don't know how uptodate that is.


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