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Dear DOMjudge developers,

first of all thank you for writing DOMjudge. We are using it at TU
München, Germany, for many courses and competitions. Having more than
100 contests and 50.000 submissions by 1000 teams we changed many
parts of the system and created a fork of your project. We would like
to contribute our changes to DOMjudge if you are interested in them.

You can see our website for instance at
(other sections are available at the top left corner of every page).
The sources we use are available at We will create merge
requests in case you are interested in our changes. We would do some
things a little different when we don't work in our fork. For
instance, we created new css and javascript files to avoid conflict
when merging your changes.

These are the main features we added to the system:

* a modern layout based on bootstrap with a nicer menu bar and form
* teams can also view, download and edit their submissions as jury
members can do it already
* an overview of points throughout all contests a team participated
in, grouped by similar contest names
* bonus points can be awarded to teams for individual problems and
* the statistics page generates some LaTeX commands to include
detailed statistics into solution slides
* problems have additional fields author, difficulty, topic and source
and there are filters for these fields
* write access to user and team accounts can be restricted for admins
(We run several DOMjudge instances for several courses since we don't
want lecturers of different courses to adjust the system as they need
it. User accounts are shared via a MySQL replication, which makes user
data read-only for all but one instance, all other data, including
roles, is not shared.)
* links in the menu are customizable in the settings
* scoreboards can be shuffled in case you don't want to reveal which
problems were solved (see contest 6 at the link given above for an
* the judge instances are integrated into our website, the news system
and the account system of the university (probably nothing that
somebody else would need)

We also created a framework to create random test data for problems
from some seeds. This allows us to run failing submissions of teams on
small random inputs until we find one that makes their submission
fail. That way, we usually find much smaller inputs that are easier to
debug. These scripts can be called from the jury backend and the
output is also included into the backend.

We hope there are some changes that may be interesting for you. If
this is the case please tell us. We can tell you more about what we
did there and would like to contribute the corresponding changes.

Best regards,
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