Judgenode Down issue

Jaap Eldering jaap at jaapeldering.nl
Wed Jul 27 14:47:51 CEST 2016

Hi Aneesh,

On 27-07-16 08:01, Aneesh R wrote:
> Dear Team
> We have hosted Domjudge 5.0.1 in our university, on 27-07-16 we have
> conducted practice test for our students , we are facing some issue in
> judgenode  each 10-15 minutes it will goes down , i here attached the
> screen shots of apache error log file,anyone can help me to resolve the
> judgehost node down issue . We have separate technical wing is here ,i
> just enquire with them they told it occur due to the problem set time
> limit . For example one problem time limit have 1 minut after that the
> judgenode will goes down 
> I think appache error log is not much for identify this problem, if
> anything more please specify i will update here 

Could you attach the judge log file from one of the judgehosts that has
experienced this problem at least a few times?

Also, was the DOMjudge website in any way slow to respond when this
occurred? Since my first guess would be a timeout issue when the
judgedaemons are trying to contact the server via the REST API.


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