OCaml support

Parth Mittal parth15069 at iiitd.ac.in
Tue Jul 19 20:10:29 CEST 2016


I tried to add OCaml to the languages, so the compile script I used is:


# C++ compile wrapper-script for 'compile.sh'.
# See that script for syntax and more info.

DEST="$1" ; shift
MEMLIMIT="$1" ; shift

ocamlc -o "$DEST" "$@"

exit $?

And for run, I left it as default script.
But when a submission is judged, it exits with a RunTime Error
The Runguard output follows:
/home/foobar/domjudge5.1/judgehost/bin/runguard: cannot start `/testcase001/execdir/program': No such file or directory
Try `/home/foobar/domjudge5.1/judgehost/bin/runguard --help' for more information.

I tried to look for the file, and it does exist, and works like an executable, so I am not sure what is going wrong.
For completeness, I also tried to echo the variables being passed to run, and the output in my temporary log file shows

sudo -n /home/foobar/domjudge5.1/judgehost/bin/runguard -P 3 -r /home/foobar/domjudge5.1/judgehost/judgings/foobar-3/endpoint-default/c131-s68948-j78769/testcase001/.. --nproc=50 --no-core --streamsize=40000 --user=domjudge-run-3 --walltime=1:2 --cputime=1:2 --memsize=4096000 --filesize=40000 --stderr=program.err --outmeta=program.meta -- /testcase001/execdir/program

Please advise on how to proceed.

Thank you
Parth Mittal
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