desktop domjudge help

Jaap Eldering jaap at
Thu Jul 14 23:51:31 CEST 2016

On 14-07-16 18:06, Jesús Alberto Domínguez Alfonso wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to make a desktop app, this desktop is a web interface simply, in
> this interface i want to upload a file .c or .c++ and send to domjudge
> via service web or whatever, i want that domjudge execute and return to
> me the datas to show all information in mi desktop app.
> Is it possible?, is there a service web in domjudge?

I suppose you mean a web service API?

Yes, there is an JSON based REST API for DOMjudge, that can be found
under (change the URL depending on
how you configured DOMjudge).

Just browsing to that URL should give you some basic documentation on
which API calls are present and what parameters they accept. You can
certainly use these to submit things (see submit/ as an
example); I'm not sure it's easy to extract the results of submissions
when you only have team privileges.


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