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Thu Jul 14 23:43:43 CEST 2016

Hi Jesús

The main developers may wish to correct me on this but ... I don't think 
the domjudge server is what you want, as it polls the main contest 
server for submissions. It sounds like you wish to push a programming 
task to an execution server and receive the result back as a response. 
In which case you might be interested in my Jobe server, which provides 
exactly such a "job runner" web service. See Although it was primarily developed 
for use by my Moodle/CodeRunner question type, it can be used separately 
from that. Runestone Interactive use it for one of their interactive 
Java textbooks, for example.


On 15/07/16 09:06, Jesús Alberto Domínguez Alfonso wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to make a desktop app, this desktop is a web interface simply, 
> in this interface i want to upload a file .c or .c++ and send to 
> domjudge via service web or whatever, i want that domjudge execute and 
> return to me the datas to show all information in mi desktop app.
> Is it possible?, is there a service web in domjudge?
> king regards.
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