Fedora 24 and Submit Client

Jaap Eldering jaap at jaapeldering.nl
Fri Jul 8 14:29:13 CEST 2016

Hi Marc,

On 08-07-16 02:22, Marc Furon wrote:
> I am running Fedora 24.
> I am trying to install DOMjudge 5.1.2 to start preparing for the next
> regional contest.  When I try to run "configure", it gives an error
> after checking for jsoncpp/json/json.h.  This is because it does not
> exist.  json/json.h does exist.
> When I look at the jsoncpp-devel package, it does not have any files
> that are in a directory named jsoncpp.  The documentation states that
> json/json.h should be used.

Indeed, under Debian the file is at jsoncpp/json/json.h, and this is
what the debian documentation says:

 * Originally, Jsoncpp library installs headers at
   prefix/include/json. However, it conflicts with libjson C
   library. Thus, libjsoncpp package will use /usr/include/jsoncpp as
   root header directory.

So we should change the configure script to handle both cases properly.
I'll have a look at this, but it would require proper testing that
json/json.h is indeed the jsoncpp library and a simple program using it
can be compiled.

> I will skip the submit client for now, and we may decide not to use
> it at all (we have not used it in the past).  However, it would be
> nice to get it to work.  I do not have a Debian system handy to see
> if the include files are different there.
> Does anyone have suggestions for a resolution to this problem?

Besides the above, a quick workaround should be to edit configure.ac and
submit/submit.cc and change jsoncpp/json/json.h into json/json.h. Then
you need to run ./bootstrap to regenerate configure from configure.ac
and then when configuring and installing the system, the submit client
should work.


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