hackathon Sunday 24 Jan

Marc Furon marcf at dslextreme.com
Sat Jan 23 18:21:16 CET 2016

Jaap Eldering wrote:

> This is to confirm that we will do the hackathon tomorrow. At least
> Thijs, Nicky, Jan and I will organize ourselves at Thijs' place
> tomorrow, starting around 11am CET (UTC+1). We will certainly be
> available via the IRC channel and if people are interested we could have
> a skype call to discuss things to work on.

Unfortunately, this is at 2 AM in the greater Los Angeles area. 
There once was a time when I would have been programming at that 
hour, but no longer.

> Some issues that could be worked on:
> - Improve the UI for adding a combined user+team, both manually in the
> webinterface and via import.
> - Allow filtering the submissions list on teams,problems,languages,etc.

I would really like to see the ability to import users and teams
(with passwords), so if you are taking priority requests, that is one
of mine.

> [...]

> Some issues for discussion:
> - (How to) run the compilation phase in a chroot? This requires more
> dependencies in the chroot environment, conflict of /bin mountpoint,
> /tmp, ...
> - Integrate any features from online-judge branch?

I would also like to see the ability for teams to download any test
cases (input and output) that are marked as "sample".  I believe that
is offered in the online-judge branch, although I have not looked at it.

> Suggestions for other features welcome (also from people who are not
> going to join tomorrow)!

One thing we would like to be able to do is to include a message with
an execution result as part of the review process.  We normally do
this to comply with the (perhaps older) rule that a run-time error
result should include the nature of the error, but not any
information that would disclose information about the judges' secret
data.  For example, a contestant can be told "Segmentation Fault", or
even "Index out of range", but not a line number or call trace.  This
would be done as part of the verification process.


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