DomJudge for Classroom Version

Jaap Eldering jaap at
Wed Aug 31 20:23:03 CEST 2016

Hi Francisco,

On 30-08-16 19:38, Francisco Mora wrote:
> Hi Everyone-
> One of our Instructors would like to have a DomJudge version that was
> more suitable for Education environment (Classroom branch version?).
> He read that such version was available some years ago but I could not
> find a link to download. Is this version still available and if it is
> what is the link to download?

I think what you refer to is the 'online-judge' branch in our git
repository. This has some extra features, mainly developed by Tobias
Werth. I think this branch has not received many updates lately, so I'm
not sure it would be the best starting point, even for classroom use.

Maybe Tobias can say something more specific?


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