Judging issue

Jaap Eldering jaap at jaapeldering.nl
Tue Aug 23 14:29:51 CEST 2016

Hi Aneesh,

On 23-08-16 02:13, Aneesh R wrote:
> Hi,
> On August 22nd at 17:00 IST to 18:00 IST we had conducted a practice
> session with our local  domjudge server , this is only testing the
> potential of our domjudge server and used only one judgehost for this
> session.  Two sets of problems are included in this session, the
> solutions are already shared with our students (23 users)

>From here on I find it difficult to understand precisely what happened:

> they are continually submitting the solutions when the
> contest starts  woefully the all submissions are going to the QUEUED and
> the compilations are in PENDING , then we are announced to
> all students to stop their submissions and they can logout by 17:30 IST
> and we are waiting to finish all the pending submissions it take around
> 18:10 IST 

Could you explain again step by step what _actually_ happened and what
you _expected_ to happen? Preferably do so in short sentences.


> We don't know what's happening on the server . So we are attaching the
> server logs with this mail kindly verify and suggest me some solutions 
> Regards
> Aneesh

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