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Mon Apr 18 15:02:46 CEST 2016

Hi Huỳnh Anh Dũng,

On 18-04-16 01:05, Huynh Anh Dung wrote:
> Hi, 
> After config ln -s   ln -s /root/domserver/etc/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-available/domjudge.conf && sudo apache2ctl graceful
> Then I Type command  sudo a2enconf domjudge 
> And I get answer ERROR : Conf domjudge does not Exist
> Please help

This is likely because the root homedir /root is not accessible for the
apache user. It can be fixed by changing the permissions.

However, we strongly discourage installing DOMjudge as root user.
Instead, install it as yourself or create a dedicated user to install
and run it under.


> Lec. Huỳnh Anh Dũng
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> Hi,
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> *Jesús Alberto Domínguez Alfonso <jesusalbertodominguez1983 at> [16/04/17]:
>> i have been installed a domjudge-live in a virtual machine.
>> i choose the domserver and jury at the menu.
>> i have got logged but later i want to see the webinterface but i can´t.
> What's the exact error you get?
>> readme
>> The web interfaces for jury, team, and public can be found under 
>> http:// <hostname>/domjudge/{jury,team,public} respectively. Here 
>> <hostname> is the DNS name of the DOMjudge-live system. Initially 
>> there is the user 'admin' with password 'admin'.
>> i used the dns, i have used the hostname too but i cannot, could you 
>> help me please.
> Does it work if you use in a browser within the virtual machine itself?
> Tobi
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