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*Jesús Alberto Domínguez Alfonso <jesusalbertodominguez1983 at> [16/04/17]:
> i have been installed a domjudge-live in a virtual machine.
> i choose the domserver and jury at the menu.
> i have got logged but later i want to see the webinterface but i can´t.

What's the exact error you get?

> readme
> The web interfaces for jury, team, and public can be found under http://
> <hostname>/domjudge/{jury,team,public} respectively. Here <hostname> is the DNS
> name of the DOMjudge-live system. Initially there is the user 'admin' with
> password 'admin'.
> i used the dns, i have used the hostname too but i cannot, could you help me
> please.

Does it work if you use in a browser within the virtual
machine itself?

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