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*Jesús Alberto Domínguez Alfonso <jesusalbertodominguez1983 at> [16/04/14]:
> First I think domjudge is amazing, i like it and i want congratulations for
> your work


> 1- Version 5.2.0, do you know when will be stable.

We don't have a clear roadmap, but since we've released 5.1.1 recently I
do not expect the 5.2.0 release to come up soonish. We may have a point
release after the World Finals though.

> 2-Can i include another files in the problem, for example i have a main file .c
> and this main file has a  file fichero.h to include data in file main or
> another file with functions to include in main file to use.

Yes, you can configure DOMjudge to accept multi-file submissions.

> 3- Can I upload  and  submmit more than one exercise at the same time, for
> example i have two exercises A and B.

You can have more than one exercise (problem) open for submission at the
same time, but the team has to upload the submissions in two separate

> 4- the same that point 3 but in the jury system execute more than one exercise
> at the same time.

Yes, a typical contest contains around 10 problems. But you may open
any number of problems if you want (that's what we do in our online
judge instance for example).


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