DOMjudge - Introduction

DOMjudge is an automated judge system to run programming contests. It has a mechanism to submit problem solutions, have them judged fully automatically and provides (web)interfaces for teams, the jury and the general public.

DOMjudge is meant to be used in programming contests like the ACM ICPC programming contests, where teams are on-site and there is a fixed problem set and timeframe.

Key aspects include:

It has been used in many live contests, a selection:

DOMjudge has also been adapted for use in numerous online contests, as "courseware" in teaching environments, etc. Only a few links (some might be dead): online judge at FAU, courseware at UU, Programa-Me (a program for high school students), IIT Kanpur "Chaos" contest, GEPWNAGE online judge at TU/e. If you are using (an adapted version of) DOMjudge, we would be glad to hear about it, and very grateful for your feedback.

The presentation slides (PDF) of Tobias Werth's presentation at the 2010 ICPC World Finals show a lot of DOMjudge's features. You may also view the online demo.


The following is required to run DOMjudge:

For a detailed list of all software please refer to the administrator manual.


DOMjudge is licenced under the GNU General Public License. This gives you the freedom to use it for any purpose, without cost, make changes that you require and share those with the community.