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29 hours ago Jaap ElderingRevert "Update for changed composer makefile target" master
12 days ago Thijs KinkhorstUse higher res favicon from DOMjudge also for website
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenFinish judgehost ansible setup for World Finals
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenFinish domserver ansible setup for World Finals
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenChange Ansible to reflect ICPC World Finals setup,...
2018-12-18 Thijs Kinkhorstremove, superseded by Travis tests
2018-12-16 Thijs KinkhorstUpdate for changed composer makefile target
2018-12-15 Thijs KinkhorstDOMjudge 6.0.3
2018-11-24 Thijs KinkhorstFix hamburger menu on mobile
2018-11-23 Thijs KinkhorstFix website icons since octicons is no longer available
2018-11-06 Jaap ElderingInstall local DEB packages via an include and file...
2018-11-04 Jaap ElderingInstall SSL certificates generically from directory.
2018-11-04 Jaap ElderingMove common auto-login stuff to common_tasks_prebuild...
2018-11-04 Jaap ElderingDelete some pre-ansible stuff already incorporated...
2018-11-04 Jaap ElderingDon't try to clear symfony cache on judgehosts.
2018-11-04 Jaap ElderingOnly copy in lib/vendor if present locally.
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