last changeWed, 6 Mar 2019 20:06:09 +0000 (21:06 +0100)
2019-03-06 Nicky GerritsenUpdate domlogo for WF 2019 master
2019-03-06 Nicky GerritsenUpdate domlogo code to have a non-transparent backgroun...
2019-02-23 Jaap ElderingAlso copy icon files.
2019-02-23 Jaap ElderingSome small typo/language fixes.
2019-01-30 Nicky GerritsenFix setting php settings
2019-01-29 Nicky GerritsenDo not install apt-transport-https for https apt mirror...
2019-01-28 Nicky GerritsenUse wf2019 branch for WF ansible
2019-01-27 Nicky GerritsenAlso install php-intl as this is now required
2019-01-20 Jaap ElderingUpdate checker to Contest API: file mime-type is requir...
2019-01-19 Nicky GerritsenRemove domserver restapi stuff as it is not needed...
2019-01-19 Nicky GerritsenUse new nginx config setup
2019-01-14 Jaap ElderingRevert "Update for changed composer makefile target"
2019-01-03 Thijs KinkhorstUse higher res favicon from DOMjudge also for website
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenFinish judgehost ansible setup for World Finals
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenFinish domserver ansible setup for World Finals
2018-12-29 Nicky GerritsenChange Ansible to reflect ICPC World Finals setup,...
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