last changeWed, 8 May 2019 17:28:26 +0000 (19:28 +0200)
11 days ago Thijs KinkhorstWork around sql upgrade snippets that want to source... master
12 days ago Thijs KinkhorstUpdate debian package publish instructions
12 days ago Thijs Kinkhorstunbreak upgrades by not unconditionally trashing stuff
12 days ago Thijs Kinkhorstfix build depends
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstAlso trash judgings on purge of judgehost
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstFix modernized dirname of chroot
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstFix query to set admin pw
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstFix API url default: must not end in a /
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstSplit log dirs between domserver and judgehost because...
13 days ago Thijs Kinkhorstfix for domjudge install error
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstSet initial admin password during installation.
13 days ago Thijs KinkhorstAdd php-zip as dependency, php-curl already is. Drop...
13 days ago Thijs Kinkhorstalso clean up session files on remove
13 days ago Thijs Kinkhorstbump version
2019-05-05 Thijs Kinkhorststop shipping custom cleanup code
2019-05-05 Thijs KinkhorstAdd a way to update symfony db parameters from dbconfig...
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