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6. Problem package format

DOMjudge supports the import and export of problems in a zip-bundle format.

The base of the format is Problem Format specification at Please refer to that for the base specifications.

On top, DOMjudge defines a few extensions:

The file domjudge-problem.ini contains key-value pairs, one pair per line, of the form key = value. The = can optionally be surrounded by whitespace and the value may be quoted, which allows it to contain newlines. The following keys are supported (these correspond directly to the problem settings in the jury web interface):

The probid key is required when importing a new problem from the jury/problems.php overview page, while it is ignored when uploading into an existing problem. All other keys are optional. If they are present, the respective value will be overwritten; if not present, then the value will not be changed or a default chosen when creating a new problem. Test data files are added to set of test cases already present. Thus, one can easily add test cases to a configured problem by uploading a zip file that contains only testcase files. Any jury solutions present will be automatically submitted when allow_submit is 1.

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