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2. General

The jury interface is accessed through a web browser. The main page shows a list of various overviews, and the most important of those are also included in the menu bar at the top. The menu bar will refresh occasionally to allow for new information to be presented. It also has the current `official' contest time in the top-right corner.

Most pieces of information are clickable and bring up a new page with details. Many items also have tooltips that reveal extra information when the mouse is hovered over them. Problem, language and team pages have lists with corresponding submissions for that problem, language or team. Tables can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

The most important pages are `Submissions': the list of submitted solutions made by teams, sorted by newest first, and `Scoreboard': the canonical overview of current standings.

2.1 Judges and Administrators

The DOMjudge system discerns between judges and administrators (admins). An administrator is responsible for the technical side of DOMjudge: installation and keeping it running. The jury web interface may be used by both, but depending on your assigned role you may have more options.

2.2 Scoreboard

The scoreboard is the most important view on the contest.

The scoreboard will display an upcoming contest from the given `activatetime'; the contest name and a countdown timer is shown. Only at the first second of the real start of the contest it will show the problems to the teams and public, however. The jury always has a full view on the scoreboard.

It is possible to freeze the scoreboard at a given time, commonly one hour before the contest ends, to keep that last hour interesting for all. From that time on, the public and team scoreboard will not be updated anymore (the jury scoreboard will) and indicate that they are frozen. It will be unfrozen at a specified time, or by a button click in the jury interface. Note that the way freezing works, a submission from before the freeze and judged after may still update the scoreboard even when frozen.

The problem headings can display the colours of balloons associated with them, when set.

Nearly everything on the scoreboard can be clicked to reveal more detailed information about the item in question: team names, specific submissions and problem headers. Many cells will show additional `title text' information when hovering over them. The score column lists the number of solved problems and the total penalty time for each team. Each cell in a problem column lists the number of submissions, and if the problem was solved, this is followed by the time of the first correct submission in minutes since contest start. Any penalty time incurred for previous incorrect submissions is included in the team's total time.

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